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Eating sesban flowers
Date: 28/09/2016

Can Tho – the peaceful land with full of delicious food of the delta region – in a rainy dusk has treated visitors from afar with a dish called shrimps sautéed with sesban flowers.

The graceful golden sesban flower, which is also the name of a song bearing the confidence of a girl who has husband afar. “Eating sesban flowers missing home, far husband I could hardly come back ...

This kind of flower is familiar to those who live in or frequently visit the waterways delta. On the other hand, if they have left their hometown, or infrequently come back, sesban flower would become completely unfamiliar. It will become an image in the memory.

It is no longer simply a kind of floating season vegetables, missing the flower not only to crave for, but to regret, to love the past days could live in the hometown...

Sesban flowers on our table were mixed with shrimps to make salad this afternoon. The elegant sweet and sour taste of sesban, fresh shrimps and ambarella juce blended together. Just tried and immediately knew it was ambarella juice; the distinct sour aroma differed from kumquat juice, lemon juice or tamarind juice.

It seemed to fit with the taste of sesban: scoop a spoon up to my mouth, somewhat sour, crunchy, plus softness, sweet-scented of each tiny shrimp. Is has been raining more than a month in the South, specialties of the waterways region follow one another to appear, the locals know how to choose some appropriate kinds to mix together. Making delicious food to treat your friends and yourself, to enjoy together and to vie with one another to tell about this and that rustic dishes, to moan that have not eaten those dishes for a long time.

Looking at field shrimp to remember land lobster, eating sesban to remember idyllic water lilies, this meal sitting here together but do not know when to meet again ... Stories of the land, the people of the South continue incessantly.

Besides salad, sesban flowers can be combined to other types of cooking, which are also delicious and impressive. Sesban flowers dipped into fish sour soup,  servered with braised siamese mud carp, or served with salted fish hotpot. Just once tried, it will make you excited each time mentioned.

Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper - Translated by Ngoc Diep

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