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Can Tho: Suspend the transportation of tourists to coronavirus-stricken areas
Date: 03/02/2020

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Can Tho city has just issued Official Letter No. 270/SVHTTDL-QLDL on the prevention and control of acute respiratory infections for new strains of Corona virus (nCov).

The city's Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism recommends local tourist agencies to disseminate accurate information to people and tourists about the coronavirus outbreak and warn people not to travel to epidemic-hit areas. Furthermore, management agencies together with businesses in Can Tho city need to regularly monitor the situation and keep a close eye on the epidemic as well as offering solutions to ensure health and safety for tourists and employees.

In addition, travel agencies across the country must temporarily stop organizing tours to Chinese provinces and cities where outbreaks are occurring and refuse to welcome tourists from epidemic-stricken areas to Vietnam. Management agencies and businesses across the country also need to closely monitor the situation and keep a close eye on the schedules and health conditions of Chinese tourists. Foreign visitors who have entered epidemic areas and then visited Vietnam within 14 days should follow Vietnamese health sector's recommendations.

Travel agencies, hotels and businesses must apply measures to prevent and combat epidemics, ensuring absolute safety for tourists and employees.

If detecting suspected cases of infection, travel agencies and businesses should immediately coordinate with local medical agencies for quarantine purposes following the Ministry of Health's instructions and report to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism via hotline phone number: 0888 177 666.

Source: Can Tho Portal - Translated by Hoang Dat

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