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A strange taste of pork-stuffed fried guava
Date: 03/12/2018

There are many attractive rustic dishes in Ba Hiep’s orchard such as dragon bean salad, pork-stuffed fried guava, roasted Siamese duck with king orange, giant gourami with passion fruit sauce and so on. The cooks there not only use the raw materials with rustic flavor but they also create many delicious dishes, which are the combinations of different kind of fruits in the garden. Pork-stuffed fried guava (photo) is an appetizer that many visitors choose when coming to Ba Hiep’s orchard.

Ms. Truong Thi Thu, who is often called Hong Nu (Red Lady), has been cooking for over 30 years, said, “In addition to other rural dishes, we often discover new taste, mainly based on available materials in the orchard like the pork-stuffed fried guava. Since there are a lot of guavas in the garden, we take advantage of that to create a dish that can keep its rural nature without losing its taste and have a whole new flavor.” At first glimpse of pork-stuffed fried guava, many people mistakenly think of it as Beng Kong (Bánh Cống) because of the same appearance and irresistible aroma. However, when looking closely and taking a bite, this dish brings a strange taste. Moreover, for better flavor, picking guava is an important step. Guavas picked in the garden, must be firm, then remove the pulp and clean with lemon juice. The filling is a combination of minced meat, fish balls and sliced vegetables. For better taste, they add seasonings to the filling. After getting coated in the flour, deep-fry the fillings in a pan. The dish is good to eat when it is fragrant and crunchy. After being fried, guavas still keep just the right amount of sweet and sour flavor, thus adding more deliciousness to the dish and less feeling fed up with oily food.

Mr. Tran Chi, owner of Ba Hiep’s orchard, said: "We are keeping the traditional cooking method with natural ingredients from the orchard. The food here is always true to its countryside nature, we invent new dishes in order to help visitors change their taste and return to the orchard next time”.

Source: Can Tho Newspaper - Translated by Hoang Dat

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