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Bún Riêu Cái Răng (Cai Rang Crab Noodle Soup) to the top must-try delicious food in the world
Date: 20/05/2016

Culinary experts of Skyscanner travel site introduce bun rieu at Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho as a dish that should try once in your lifetime.

Bun rieu at Cai Rang floating market, Vietnam

"A crab and tomato broth, bun (rice noodles), fresh herbs, chunks of tofu, and much more, it is a lovely departure from the norm. An explosion of flavour in every bite." Jodi Ettenberg, travel blogger majoring in cuisine of Legal Nomads.

Organic beef at Bison Grill Bistro, Wales

“I love to use produce from an excellent British producer in Wales called Rhug Estate - a wonderful example of a sustainable, field-to-fork farm. My recommendation is the farm’s Bison Grill Bistro where diners can try the amazing organic bison or Aberdeen Angus beef burgers.” Raymond Blanc, a famous French chef owning a restaurant, a hotel in Oxfordshire, England.

Braised pig’s trotter at Koffman, London

“I have always had a soft spot for Pierre Koffman's braised pigs trotter. It’s such a classic combination of flavours, sweetbreads, morels, caramelized onions all bound with a chicken mousse". Tom Aikens, founder of Tom's Kitchen restaurants, London.

Roasted garlic and rosemary baked ricotta at Caseificio Borderi, Italy

"I would recommend the roasted garlic and rosemary baked ricotta from Caseificio Borderi in Sicily. Single most delicious item of food I have tasted. Not to be missed." Rob Hunter, head chef at The Gun Docklands, England.

Grilled mahi mahi, ju ju’s beach bar, Barbados

"My perfect dish is Grilled Mahi Mahi in a burger bun, homemade fries, coleslaw. Ice cold banks beer." Dominic Teague, Executive Chef of Indigo restaurant at the five star One Aldwych hotel, London, England.

Almond cakes with white peach in Corsica, France

"One of the most memorable things I’ve tasted was on a trip to Corsica. We hired a little boat and pulled up on a beach in the Scandola Nature Reserve, accessible only by sea. At the back of it was a man baking, in a wood-fired clay oven, tiny almond cakes with slices of fresh peach in the top of them, slightly singed with woodsmoke. Cake has never tasted better."  Karen Barnes, Editor of Delicious Magazine.

The Florentine steak at Macelleria Cecchini, Italy

"The grilled steak menu’s grass fed meat is an meatlover's orgy. Come hungry!" Judy Witts Francini, Italian food blog Divina Cucina.

Grill-your-own pancakes at The Old Sugar Mill Deleon Springs, U.S.A

“For the ultimate "you have to try this before you die" ... grill-your-own pancakes at the old sugar mill DeLeon Springs or boozy Wondermade Marshmallows." Rachelle Lucas, food blogger at The Travel Bite.

Bobotie at Bo-Kaap Kombuis, South Africa

"Food travellers to Cape Town all want to nab a table at Luke Dale Robert's The Test Kitchen but with it being booked months in advance, it's tough to get a table. All the same, don't leave without sampling the quintessential Cape Malay home food classics like bredies, bobotie and briyani." Ishay Govender-Ypma, South African food journalist.

Spanish omelette at Sylkar Bar, Spain

"This is one of the dishes that everyone should have tasted. One of my favourites is the one made at Sylkar Bar, Madrid. If you are lucky enough to visit Galicia, do not miss the omelette 'Betanzos style'." Marta Carnero, food blogger at Pasean2.

Source: VnExpress - Translated by Ngoc Diep

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