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Star apple season has returned in Phong Dien
Date: 24/04/2018

Star apple is a specialty fruit in the South of Vietnam loved by almost everyone because of its delicious taste and lightly sweet flavor. Star apple season starts from December and lasts through Lunar New Year.

Star apple has been planted for hundreds of years by Vietnamese people, mostly in provinces such as Tien Giang, Dong Thap, Ben Tre, Can Tho, Ca Mau and so on. There are many kinds of star apple namely Lo Ren star apple, purple star apple, yellow star apple and the like. However, consumers prefer Lo Ren Tar apple because of the thin, shiny and beautiful skin, thick pulp with sweet fragrance.

Today, Vietnam is the only country in the world choosing Star apple for export. (Countries such as Cambodia, Philippines, India, Thailand and Australia only grow Star apple for domestic consumption).


In Can Tho, Star apple is a widely grown tree, especially in Phong Dien district where there are 800 hectares specialized in growing Star apple (total of 5.700 ha of Phong Dien district). The places planting these trees are Phong Dien Town, Nhon Ai, Nhon Nghia, Giai Xuan and My Khanh. Phong Dien farmers have widely grown this fruit tree, especially in Nhon Loc I, Phong Dien Town, where nearly 80% of households plant Star apple. Star apple in Phong Dien have many famous types such as Lo Ren Star apple, purple and brown purple Star apple, Bo Hong Star apple, Bac Thao Star apple (brown), four-season Star apple and they are all delicious.


On these days, visitors coming to Phong Dien will enjoy watching the luxuriant Star apple garden along the two sides of the road. Each yellow, purple, white, shining and juicy star apple on the branches keeps swinging to invite visitors. At the harvest time, many people climbing trees to pick star apples, sort and put them into boxes as well as traders with boats coming to collect the fruit have created a lively atmosphere in the garden. Phong Dien tourist gardens are opened for visitors to visit, enjoy star apples at the garden and buy them as gifts for friends and relatives. The most impressive thing for visitors is the different types of star apple namely the purple star apple, brown star apple and Bo Hong star apple which are very eye-catching, juicy and sweet that will give visitors unforgettable memories once enjoying.

Anh Trần - TTPTDL. Translated by Hoang Dat

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