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Snake braised with fermented soybean
Date: 28/09/2016

Previously, snakemeat was only processed into familiar dishes such as snake stewed with lemon grass, stir-fried snake, stir-fried snake with creek premna, grilled snake ... now we have snake braised with fermented soybean.

To cook snake braised with fermented soybean, the cook must know how to choose snake, they mainly use sunbeam snake from 1 kg or more, which has firm and sweet meat. After being cleaned, the snake is cut into pieces and marinated with salt, seasoning powder. Coconut milk and fermented soybean are main ingredients of this dish. When snake meats are marinated, fry quickly in 5 minutes to make them tightly shrink, then put into a pot with boiling broth. The broth is the mixture of coconut milk and fermented soybean. Cook the snakemeat and broth for about 20-30 minutes more, then season with spices again. The dish is set up like hotpot, profuse broth, with a variety of vegetables: bitter melon, water mimosa, water spinach, celery, sliced banana flower .... The fragrance will excite the taste. Snake meat is sweet, moderate tough; the taste of fermented soybean overwhelms the smell of snake, blended with the slightly bitter taste of bitter melon, distinct smell of water mimosa, celery, and slightly tart of banana flower create a very special and unforgettable flavor. This dish will not make you feel greasy, it is good for your health, helps stabilize blood sugar and also good for kidneys.

Visitors can enjoy this unique dish at Hai Lua Co Do restaurant, Hamlet 1, Thanh Phu commune, Co Do district. In addition to snake, it also has a lot of specialties from rice field such as catfish, loaches, rats... with unique cooking.

Source: Can Tho Newspaper - Translated by Ngoc Diep

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