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Enjoying “Ba Đốt” roasted coconut at Can Tho E-Coffee
Date: 31/10/2018

E-Coffee Can Tho is located at No. 157 Huynh Cuong Street, An Cu Ward, Ninh Kieu District (next to Xang Thoi Lake). This coffee shop is not only attracting with the nice space, but it is also famous for its distinctive dishes and drinks.
Customers are interested in “Ba Đốt” roasted coconut in Can Tho E-Coffee. Photo: M. Hoa

E-Coffee’s space allows customers to enjoy a cup of "authentic" Trung Nguyen and chat with friends at the same time, watch the sunrise in the morning or enjoy the gentle breeze in the afternoon for relaxation. E-coffee also adds many new kinds of refreshments to the menu, from several types of tea to some "homemade" drinks and the most unique dish among them is “Ba Đốt” roasted coconut. The coconuts (mostly Siamese coconut from Ben Tre province) roasted through a unique technique can create a cool and sweet refreshment blending with aromatic pineapple flavor together with fat, soft and tasty coconut meat. “Ba Đốt” roasted coconut is also very eye-catching, with the design of a “lid" on the top just like the one on every can of soft drink which is very handy for customers.

E-Coffee Can Tho also has many new snacks made from imported Singaporean materials, such as tuna mayo sandwich level 1, spicy tuna sandwich level 2, spicy crab sandwich level 3 with crab filling and secret sauce. At present, besides 2 types of fish ball skewer and shrimp ball skewer, E-Coffee has “love skewers" - a combo for 2 people, including small fish-shaped bread, golden mini rolls, fried meatballs and fried cheese balls; "Friendship skewers" - a combo for a group of 4 people, including vegetables and large fish-shaped bread, fried meatballs, fried cheese balls, fried crab balls and mini rolls or a "skewers party combo" which includes all kinds of skewers in the menu.

Ms. Tran Thi Tu Van, owner of Can Tho E-Coffee shop, said “E-Coffee, which is just like a miniature house belonging to Trung Nguyen coffee chains, is designed to be suitable for many types of customers. All raw materials used for making foods or drinks in the shop are quality assured, especially the brewing phase of the drinks meets the standard of Trung Nguyen coffee system. E-Coffee's staff is constantly updating new recipe for seasonal trends as well as adding a variety of special dishes to the menu.”

“Ba Đốt” roasted coconut: 40.000 VND/one.

Energy coffee (black coffee, hot or iced): 17.000 VND/cup.

Energy coffee (milk coffee, hot or iced): 20.000 VND/cup.

Other kinds of drinks and Teas: 16.000-25.000 VND/cup.

Skewers combo: 59.000 VND/combo - 119.000 VND/combo

Source: Can Tho Newspaper - Translated by Hoang Dat

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