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“Lẩu Nhiệt Đới” (Tropical hot pot) - delicious dish made from agricultural products
Date: 12/03/2020

Vegetables and fruits harvested from the farm are fresh, safe, and often made into rustic dishes. At Cantho Farm, there is a corner of the countryside kitchen with many delicious and creative dishes such as bánh khọt ốc gạo (Vietnamese mini savory pancakes eat with edible small snail), lẩu mắm chua (sour fermented fish hot pot), canh gà hồng đẳng sâm (ginseng chicken soup), melon ice cream..., and especially is “lẩu nhiệt đới” (tropical hot pot).

“Lẩu nhiệt đới” (Tropical hotpot) is the creation of Ms. Duong Hong Ngoc - the artisan who won the Gold Award at the Southern Folk Cake Festival 2019 and also in charge of the countryside kitchen. The main ingredient of this dish is the vegetables grown at Cantho Farm. Therefore, “lẩu nhiệt đới” is suitable for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Ms. Duong Hong Ngoc said: “Taking advantage of rich and clean vegetables at Cantho Farm, I think of making something delicious and country-like. That's why I create “lẩu nhiệt đới”.” This hot pot has a refined broth from the world's best-roasted rice (ST25). Moreover, the broth has not only the roasted rice fragrance but also the sweetness of many other ingredients such as mushrooms, corn, melon, lotus seeds, etc.

The preparation for "lẩu nhiệt đới" is quite elaborate. When the broth boils up, we quickly dip the veggies, young tofu and tofu skin into the hot pot. This recipe is suitable for vegetarians. Another method to make the dish more attractive is to add crabs, seafood, etc. The mild sweetness and light fragrance of the hot pot stimulates your taste buds and increases your appetite thanks to the fusion of many agricultural products. "Lẩu nhiệt đới" is quite frugal, naturally sweet and addicted, especially for those who like to eat vegetables. It can be said that this is a unique and intriguing dish. Therefore, when coming to Cantho Farm, visitors should try "lẩu nhiệt đới" with the vegetables that you directly pick from the garden.

Source: Can Tho Newspaper - Translated by Hoang Dat

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