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100 types of Chè (sweet dishes) and delicious snack eateries in Can Tho
Date: 02/11/2020

If you have a chance to visit the land famous for "white rice and clear water", you definitely should not miss the delicious dishes at these following South-Western eateries below.
Photo: Sarahduong99.

Chè Nguyên Đặng (sweet dish) or " Chè 100 món” currently has nearly 100 different types of chè on its menu. Here, you definitely have to try a “combo tray” chosen from various kinds of chè put in attractive little bowls. In particular, the eatery is also famous for its lotus seed sweet dish with refreshing flavor, which is a nice choice for you to cool off summer days. It is its delicious taste, silkiness, gentleness, and cheap price that make Chè Nguyên Đặng more popular than others in this city.

Photo: Thanhluan0408

Bánh cống Cô Út (Vietnamese Fried Shrimp Cake) restaurant is in search by a lot of people because of its traditional flavor although its location in a small alley is not easy to find. The cake is large enough, with the aroma of frying the minced pork mixed with green beans. Especially two shrimps on top make the cake fuller in appearance and flavor. It is a good idea for you to enjoy the cake with rice noodle and vegetables so that its oil or fat could not cloy your appetite. Each cake costs about 11,000 VND. A small notice for you is that the restaurant sells only two cakes/customer.

Photo: Thanhdifood

Coming to Can Tho, you cannot miss an opportunity to enjoy fine rice vermicelli with roasted pork, and you should try this delicious dish at Cô Ròm Restaurant. Made from rice flour, its vermicelli goes well with roasted pork, various vegetables, and fish sauce or sweet and sour soy sauce, which surely fascinates you from the first try. In addition, a variety of attractive crab soups are served here.

Photo: Ntnamhair.

Bánh xèo Bảy Tới (rice pancake) in Can Tho is a well-known place for most people to choose to enjoy pancakes typical in the South of Vietnam. The cake has a thin, crunchy layer stuffed with minced duck or pork or shrimp and young coconut roots  ..., and it is served with different vegetables. In addition, the shop also sells fatty bánh khọt (Vietnamese mini savory fried pancakes) with green beans. These little round pancakes look quite attractive.

Photo: Nguyenfoodalic.

Chị Tôi Restaurant has delicious snails grilled with pepper in Can Tho. After cleaned thoroughly, snails are boiled and then put on a charcoal grill, seasoned with ready-made fish sauce, and served with green pepper and coriander. With the irresistible aroma, the sour, spicy flavor, and the crisp snail, the dish is sure to captivate most people. In addition, the restaurant has a great variety of dishes such as fried tofu, sauté corn, fried squash flowers, or roasted squid with pepper ...

Source: - Translated by Diep Truong

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