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Phong Điền gastronomy: sticky rice dumplings stuffed with duck meat
Date: 21/05/2021

The rural Phong Điền region is known for its rich and varied cuisine. With their skillful hands, artisans create famous Can Tho dishes such as rice vermicelli interwoven in layers (bánh hỏi mặt võng), rice noodles prepared in the shell of a coconut (bánh canh gõ), simmered chicken with Ha Chau Burmese grapes (gà um dâu Hạ Châu) and so on. Recently the dish “sticky rice dumplings stuffed with duck meat” was added to the list of Phong Điền gastronomy.
ticky rice dumplings stuffed with duck meat

At first glance, these dumplings look like the daily meal of the people from the Western region, except they are garnished with a few charming parsley leaves. Mrs. Lâm Thị Khuya, the creator of the dish, shares her impressions: “I created this dish only 3 months ago. Visitors love it.” Like shrimp or coconut milk dumplings, it is made with sticky rice. Madame Khuya makes glutinous rice flour herself to be sure of the quality. For the stuffing, she uses duck meat instead of shrimp. Breasts, duck thighs, Black wood ear mushrooms and are to be crushed and seasoned. For each dumpling, cover the filling with a soft pastry crust. Dumplings laid on a small piece of oiled banana leaf are steamed for 10-15 minutes. It is eaten with aromatic herbs, cucumbers, sweet and sour fish sauce, and coconut juice.

This rural dish, which appeals to gourmets in the region and elsewhere, becomes an essential main dish on the weekend menu at the 9 Hồng tourist site.


Source: Can Tho Newspaper- Translated by Hoang Dat

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