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“Getting lost” in the middle of delicious food street
Date: 01/06/2021

With only 100,000 VND, you will be “stuffed” with wonderful dishes at the heart of Can Tho City. You can find a wide range of excellent food in Lane 51 which intersects with the embankment of Bung Xang Lake, Ninh Kieu District. To many young people, it is known as the "snack paradise" on their journey of the beauty discovery in Tây Đô (Western City or Can Tho now).
A tray of appetizing grilled egg

Lane 51 of 3/2 Street extends to Bung Xang Lake and exits to Tran Nam Phu Street. There are a lot of alleys and boarding houses here, so food and beverage businesses are preferable. For that reason, the foods are affordable and suitable for students.

Grilled egg is such a thing. Grilled egg is on the menu of many restaurants and food stalls along the street. Across from the College of Environment and Natural Resources of Can Tho University is there the most well-known. Many find the dish interesting in some ways: First, crack 3 quill eggs into a bowl, then add some corn. This small china bowl was formerly used for dips such as pepper salt or fish sauce.  Later, the bowl is heated on embers. After the egg is nearly cooked, add green onions, coriander, and a variety of toppings such as beef jerky, pork floss, squid, snails, sausages, scallops, and so on depending on customers’ orders. Finally, when all the spices are mixed and smell wonderful, the egg is ready to be served. Normally, they are available in combos: buy 6 bowls, get 1 free. Depending on the topping, each bowl costs from 6,000 VND to 10,000 VND (for seafood toppings). This grilled egg is much more "scrumptious" if eaten with tamarind sauce, ketchup, or chili sauce. It is likely that some folks gorge up to 6-7 bowls.

Besides, bún đậu mắm tôm (rice noodles with Vietnamese fermented shrimp paste and fried tofu) is popular and available in many eateries such as Loc Vung, Cau Ba, Bao Ngoc, etc. Of all these restaurants, Bao Ngoc is a familiar name, which opened years ago. It is located at the T-junction, about 100m away from the lane gate. The uniqueness of the restaurant lies in the dip recipe of the Mekong-delta-based cuisine, slightly sweet, savory, and subtle-smelling shrimp paste. Slices of pork shank are tender and do not make us fed up with eating them.

Last but definitely not least, duck porridge is another dish widely sold along the street. Má Yến (Mommy Yen) is a go-to duck porridge restaurant for many young people. A porridge bowl with a lot of duck only costs 20,000 VND. The best part of the dish is her unique dip and seasoning. With only 30,000 VND, you will be undoubtedly stuffed after enjoying a bowl of duck porridge and salad.

If you prefer dining out in a fine restaurant, then 51, Thích ăn uống, Mr. Bò Nầm will be the right choice. For those who seek new atmosphere, there is a grill and hot pot restaurant named Tổ dân phố Hongkong (Hong Kong Civil Group). This place is distinctively decorated, featured, and offers a wide range of dishes.

After enjoying savory dishes, a lot of people will have sweet soup or beverages for dessert. Try chè Cô Ba (sweet refreshment) in order to taste the sweetness in "snack paradise”. In addition to traditional sweet dishes, there are various menu options such as water chestnut in a coconut, water chestnut with sugar palm fruit, longan with lotus seeds, and so on. Never will you be bored of these creamy and mildly sugary sweet dishes have numerous ingredients combined.

These are some suggestions for you. Spend your weekend evening exploring the food street, and you will definitely find more wonderful dishes. In terms of tourism potentials, if well-exploited, this street is firmly believed to become a product of the unique food experience in Can Tho.

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Diep Truong

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