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Can Tho: Performing art circus program celebrating 45 years of Vietnam - France diplomatic relations

On April 15, an art circus program namely “Pétole - Biển lặng gió” (A peaceful sea), by the Be Clown art troupe of France was held in Luu Huu Phuoc park. This is a program in the framework of activity series to mark the 45th anniversary of the Vietnam - France diplomatic relations. Attending the program were French Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh city, leaders of Can Tho city and 500 teachers and students in the city.

The most characteristic architectural works in Can Tho

Can Tho is the largest, most modern and most developed city in the Mekong Delta, and it is also classified as the First Class city or centrally-controlled city which is located on the right bank of Hau River in the Mekong Delta. Can Tho is the second largest city in the Southern region after Ho Chi Minh City and the fifth largest city in Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang and Hai Phong. In 1739, Can Tho was exploited and officially appeared on the Vietnamese map with the name Tran Giang. Through the ups and downs of Vietnamese history, Tran Giang has undergone many changes in its name and administrative boundaries. The Nguyen Dynasty, Can Tho was the old land of An Giang province. During the French colonial period, Can Tho was separated to form a province, once called Western Capital (Tay Do), and became the center of the South-western region.

Can Tho city opened the 7th Southern Traditional Cake Festival 2018

On April 25th evening, at the Investment Trade Tourism Promotion Center and the International Exhibition Fair Center in Can Tho city, the opening ceremony of the seventh Southern Traditional Cake Festival in 2018, themed “The origin of the homeland cakes” was organized. The festival took place from April 25th to 29th 2018.

Visiting Can Tho

Two dishes in Can Tho continue to set the Vietnam Record

The Vietnam Record Organization has just announced the list of 100 dishes and specialties of Vietnam 2018. Two dishes of Can Tho which were honored to contribute the list, were “Bánh tét lá cẩm” (Vietnamese cylindrical sticky rice with magenta plant cake) and “Vịt nấu chao” (Braised duck in fermented tofu).

Thoi Nhut Flower Village

Thoi Nhut Flower Village is also called Ba Bo Flower Village. It is located in An Binh Commune, An Binh District, Can Tho city and has a history of more than half a century. The village usually becomes vibrant and bustling in many days before Tet holidays.

Com Ruou (Fermented Glutinous Rice Balls) village in Thot Not

After crossing Thot Not Bridge, we turn left and go for about 6 kilometer to get to Trung Thanh Commune. In this place, almost all local people can show us how to go to the village producing fermented glutinous rice balls. Following the instructions of the indigenous people, we go more than a kilometer to Ba Dang Rivulet, along which there are 80-90 households making fermented glutinous rice balls. This area is in Thanh Phuoc and Thanh Phuoc 2 Village of the edge of Thot Not District (Can Tho City). Mrs. Huynh Thi Diem, Vice Chairwoman of Trung Thanh Women's Association, says, "Here, two out of every three households make Com Ruou as a way to earn their living.


People’s Committee of Can Tho City

People’s Committee of Can Tho City, which is elected by People’s Council, is the executive body of People’s Council, the administrative body of the State in localities, being responsible to People’s Council at the same level and higher authorities.

Invest in Can Tho City

Can Tho City - Where investors converge

Can Tho city is a centrally-governed city, located in the center of the Mekong Delta. Well-known as Tay Do, capital of the Southwest region for over a hundred years ago, Can Tho now has become a first-class municipality and one of four provinces in the Mekong Delta’s key economic regions and the fourth key economic region of Vietnam.

CanTho: Regulations on Investment Support

Besides current State’s policies on creating favorable conditions for domestic and foreign investment in Can Tho City, its People’s Committee has issued the regulations on investment support applicable to all investors in the city area.

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