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Interesting experiences in Lung Cot Cau tourist area
Date: 03/09/2019

Lung Cot Cau, one of the six typical tourist spots in the Mekong Delta, is located in Can Tho city. About 15 km from the city center, Lung Cot tourist area is considered an ideal destination for ecotourism, offering many unique experiences, suitable for families and friends to have fun on weekends.
The ideal space typical of the Mekong Delta region at Lung Cot Cau tourist area

Located on National Highway 61C, Lung Cot Cau tourist area offers visitors many interesting activities. Moreover, entrance and parking are free here.

Branches full of langsats

There are more than 5 hectares of orchards, grown particular fruits of Phong Dien such as durian, mangosteen, Ha Chau Burmese Grape, langsat, grapefruit, orange, jackfruit, etc.

Ripe red rambutans full on branches.

Visitors experience the game of passing the ball on the bridge

Lung Cot Cau offers many popular folk games of this river region namely draining ditch for catch, fishing for snails, crabs and shrimps, catching ducks ...; or other interesting team building games.

Tourists enjoy bathing in the pond or crossing the river with a cable

Boat rowing is free at the Lung Cot Cau tourist area.

Younger tourists can enjoy fishing here

You can find many rustic dishes, including banh xeo (Vietnamese sizzling pancake) which is very popular with tourists

Musical performance of Don Ca Tai Tu (Traditional amateur singing) every Sunday at 10:30 am - 11am

Many shows of Don Ca Tai Tu are performed by elite artists from the city of Can Tho.

This tourist area is also the place where many interesting cultural, sports and tourist activities are organized. In the photo: activities on the river.



Source: Can Tho Newspapers - Translated by Hoang Dat

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