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City Council of People
Date: 01/04/2014

Address: CAN THO MUNICIPAL PEOPLE’S COUNCIL, 02 Ngo Huu Hanh street, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city.

Phone: (0710) 3818 020 - (0710) 3818 020 

Fax: (0710) 3820 538;


Can Tho Municipal People’s Council is an organization of state power in the city, which represents aspirations and mastery of all people. It is elected by the city people, and responsible to all of the city people as well as superior government agencies. 

Can Tho Municipal People’s Council decides important guidelines and measures to promote potentialities, builds and develops local socio-economic areas, strengthens national defense and security, constantly improves the local people’s physical and mental lives, and clarifies its obligations to the country.

The Municipal People’s Council implements supervisory authorities over the activities of the Permanent People’s Council, People’s Committee, People’s Court, People’s Procuracy at the same level; monitors the resolution implementation of People’s Council; supervises the compliance with the laws of the state agencies, economic organizations, social organizations, people’s armed force units and local citizens.

In addition, People’s Council also plays an encouragement role through the activities of the People’s Council, People’s Council delegates so as to create a link between voters and elected organizations.

There are 54 delegates of Can Tho People’s Council, in a structure of 18 women (a rate of 33,33%), 7 Party outsiders (a rate of 12,96%), 3 religious people (a rate of 5,56%), 1 of ethnic minority (a rate of 1,85%), 9 re-elected people (a rate of 16,67%). Delegates’ qualifications: 32 graduates (a rate of 59,26%), 20 postgraduates (a rate of 37,04%); political levels: advanced- 39 graduates (a rate of 72,22%). 

The Permanent Municipal People’s Council has 03 members (Permanent Deputy Municipal Committee Secretary-cum-Chairman of People’s Council, Vice-chairman of People’s Council, and Permanent member of People’s Council in charge)

The Boards of the Municipal People’s Council: the Municipal People’s Council has 03 boards:

- Board of Economic and Budget has 9 members including a Head and 2 Deputy Heads in charge;

- Board of Culture- Society has 9 members including Head and a Deputy Head in charge;

- Legal Board has 9 members including Head, 1 Deputy Head and 1 Commissioner in charge.

The team of the Municipal People’s Council delegates is divided into 9 teams in accordance with 9 districts.

In order to serve the activities of the People’s Council and the organizations of the People’s Council, People’s Council delegates, there is the Office of National Assembly Delegation and People’s Committee.

Translated by Phuong Quyen – CTU


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