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Lovely ecotourism garden in Co Do
Date: 18/06/2020

Recently, visitors from Co Do district, Can Tho city, often go to Ms. Ngo Thi Thao's eco-tourism garden in the hamlet of Thanh Phuoc 2, the commune of Trung Thanh.
Visitors to Ms. Ngo Thi Thao's durian garden.

It is a garden of more than 10,000 square meters, planted with many particular trees such as durian Ri6, mangosteen, langsat. In the garden, the owner has arranged numerous huts made of palm leaves giving shade and freshness, equipped inside and outside with tables and hammocks intended for visitors to rest and relax.

Ms. Ngo Thi Thao, the owner of this garden, said that she did not intend to do tourism at first, but three years ago during the durian season, consumers had come and bought the fruit to eat or take away. So, she started to open the door, with a sign “Ms. Thao's durian garden” and was able to welcome customers throughout the durian season, from the end of the 3rd lunar month (around February) to the end of the 5th (around April). It is the period when the fruits ripen: the durian, the mangosteen, and the langsat.

Currently, her garden receives 100 to 200 visitors daily, this number being double on weekends, the largest in the afternoon from noon. Visitors come not only from the region but also from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and various provinces from the Center to the South to Ca Mau, Bac Lieu ...

According to Ms. Thao, many visitors come to her garden because her durian and mangosteen garden is organic where the fruits are naturally ripe without any stimulants and give a delicious and sweet taste, although the selling price here is higher compared at the market and there is a charge for entry (20,000 VND/person). Another reason for the popularity of this tourist attraction is the local culture, not to mention the charm of the river region and the friendliness of the owner.

Most visitors come to breathe fresh air as the garden is spacious, airy, and quiet, suitable for those who need to relax on weekends. Coming here, everyone disperses quietly in the shade of the trees, smelling the light scent of durian, which gives everyone an impression of relaxation and optimism. The highlight of this garden is that visitors can pick the fruit they want, together with the owner of the garden, by climbing in the trees, then eating them on the spot. For durian, if the flesh of the picked fruit is not qualified, the owner will replace it with another.

In addition to fruit, this tourist garden also serves drinks and country dishes such as chicken congee, steamed chicken with garlic, sweet and sour chicken soup with lemongrass ... (all are free-range chickens). Here, during their meal, tourists can immerse themselves in nature, which is very interesting for those who want to enjoy the holidays or the weekend.

It is known that Ms. Thao's durian garden brings a good harvest every year because her family takes care of it regularly and applies scientific and technical advances. Thanks to the design of the automatic sprinkler system, it is able to save water and labor. The garden has more than 150 durian trees and 150 mangosteen trees, not counting langsats. Mr. Nguyen Van Nhu, President of the Union of Farmers of Trung Thanh commune, said that the total area for planting durian in the commune is only 4 ha. Ms. Thao is the first to cultivate durian with high productivity and quality in combination with eco-tourism. It is a new model but initially successful. In the near future, the municipality will support and facilitate the development of this durian and mangosteen garden as a model of ecotourism combining with production so that other farmers can learn.

Source: Can Tho Newspaper – Translated by Hoang Dat

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