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Ông Đề Ecotourism Village welcomes summer guests
Date: 04/08/2020

Ông Đề Ecotourism Village is located in My Ai hamlet, My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district, and is about 10km from the center of Can Tho city. Ông Đề currently has many interesting programs and new products to welcome guests in the summer of 2020.
Facebook Picture of Ong De Ecotourism Village

Mr. Ho Van Phong, Deputy Director of Ông Đề Ecotourism Village, says: “During the temporary lockdown due to of the COVID-19 pandemic, we not only cleaned, disinfected the tourist area to ensure safety for tourists but we also renovated the village, planted more trees and ornamental flowers to welcome visitors back after the lockdown. In particular, we have created many new products, services, and promotional programs to attract visitors.”

Specifically, in terms of cuisine, Ông Đề Ecotourism Village has many delicious and attractive delicacies such as gà rang muối (salted roast chicken), lẩu mắm Ông Ðề (Ong De Hot pot with fermented fish), lẩu bần chua (mangrove apple hot pot), lẩu cua đồng (field crab hotpot), folk cakes and other local specialties from frog, coconut worms, etc. Speaking of entertainment, there are many exciting group games associated with the river, such as cycling through the monkey bridge, crossing ditch on a rope bridge, draining ditches for fish, rowing to visit the fruit garden, and so on. Moreover, there are many interesting activities at the campsite such as lighting a campfire, searching for frogs at night, grilling potatoes, grilling corn, country buffet. There is also a safe place typical of the garden land for visitors to stay overnight.

Currently, there is a discount program for students such as a combo for 1 student of 159,000 VND/ ticket (original price is 199,000 VND) including entrance fee, bộ bà ba (a suit of traditional southern Vietnamese garment), free games, free check-in at lotus pond and one free meal; or a combo for a group of 10 students of 1 million VND (original price is 1,490,000 VND), including entrance fee, bộ bà ba (a suit of traditional southern Vietnamese garment), free games and a free hotpot ...

Source: Can Tho Newspaper - Translated by Hoang Dat

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