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Some things about backpacking tour in Can Tho
Date: 31/12/2015

Can Tho is well-known for white rice and fresh water and anyone who once comes here does not want to leave. This is the meaning of a folk song which reveals all about this prosperous land offered by the nature. Coming to Can Tho, you will have a chance to visit Cai Rang Floating Market, other orchids all year round. Canal networks and urban infrastructure create a charming and unique beauty for Can Tho.


Can Tho is 34 km from Vinh Long , 62km from Long Xuyen, 63km from Soc Trang, 104km from My Tho, 116km from Rach Gia, 117km from Chau Doc, 169km from Sai Gon and 179km from Ca Mau. The main means of transportation in Can Tho is by waterway; together with bus stations on highway which is 2 km from the city centre to the northwest, along Nguyen Trai Street.

Public transportation

You can purchase a ticket to Can Tho at the bus platforms of each province. With a rather short way from other provinces in the West as mentioned earlier, the ticket price is about 40.000 – 200.000 dongs, depending on the location and vehicle quality.

Private transportation (motorbikes or cars)

From other provinces, along provincial highways, follow the traffic signs to Can Tho. Particularly there are 2 ways from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho, one is from An Lac roundabout and the other is Trung Luong expressway.

Be careful to moving by private transport, you should bring all certified documents of your own vehicle and carry some common car repair tools. Also, follow rules of road traffic safety as well as speed in regulated speed.

Which season to visit Can Tho?

Can Tho is pretty all year round, but if you come in summer, you will taste various delicious fruits here. Particularly on the occasion of the full moon and the full moon in April, there are 2 big festivals at Binh Thuy temple, namely the celebration for Agriculture God for the pre-harvest and the post-harvest. These are two of the largest festivals in the West area.

Can Tho Specialties

Beside Ha Chau baccaurea is considered as a gift for your friends or families, other specialties of Can Tho are those which can be eaten  in Can Tho such as Le Lai steamed savory rice cakes, Phong Dien thin noodles woven into intricate bundles, cup fried rice powder with shrimp (eaten in the afternoon or in the evening), Khai Hoan Mon fish rice noodle, worm rice noodle with shredded pork, Cau Ke xapau (for the morning), Cai Rang roasted meat balls, Cai Rang dried vermicelli, purple cylindrical glutinous rice cakes…

Especially, try Phu Sa ovata mangrove hotpot and 10 dishes of three-striped crab. Besides, depending on the host’s hospitality, you can enjoy other dishes such as baked pepper snail, coconut milk-flavored crepes, elongates grilled in phragmites australis tube, buffalo meat cooked with rice ferment, garden chicken cooked with baccaurea, frog, toast rice noodle…


The first thing you should do when you arrive in Can Tho is to take a boat tour to discover canal systems and enjoy the romantic and simple beauty of Tay Do City or the prosperous beauty of villages behind coconut trees.

Then tourists often think about Ninh Kieu Quay in Ninh Kieu District and Cai Rang Floating Market- these two places always appear in literature, music as the typical features in the Western water area.

Each landmark has a different characteristic, a quiet and romantic Ninh Kieu Quay, a noisy Cai Rang floating market, but the most interesting is rowing in a zigzag way at the floating market to discover fruits sold on the boat, or enjoy hot dishes in clapping rhythm of water into the boat and the market noisy atmosphere.

Besides, you can visit ecotourism destinations of Can Tho with a day tour which can help you discover fresh and green orchards, join daily activities specialized in the West such as bailing canals, catching fish, listening to traditional tunes or  taking a nap. Some places with this kind of tourism are usually tourism gardens such as My Khanh tourism garden, Ba Lang tourism garden, Binh Thuy orchirds and other tourism gardens in On Mon or Thot Not.

If you are still not satisfied with the day tour at the garden, you can try discovering bird egg nests, chicks or feel with the noise at Bang Lang stock garden.

If you want to discover historic relics, or cultures, you can visit Ong Pagoda, Nam Nha Pagoda, Binh Thuy ancient house, Binh Thuy Temple, Phong Thuy Temple, Phuoc Hau Pagoda, Hoi Linh Ancient Pagoda, Khanh Quang Pagoda, Phan Van Tri gravestone…

The most significant destination is Binh Thuy Ancient House, a French architecture which has been completely conserved since the XIX century or Phong Thuy Temple with its unique architecture. Here are some clues for your tour: Arriving in Can Tho, hire a boat to the floating market and go straight to My Khanh Tourism Garden, visit Binh Thuy Ancient House in the afternoon. In the evening, walk around Can Tho Ancient Market, Ninh Kieu Quay and enjoy night foods (remember to ask the price in advance)

Source: - Translated by Phuong Quyen

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