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″New day in Con Son islet″
Date: 30/07/2020

After two months of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Can Tho has launched a series of new products to stimulate tourism. In particular, Con Son community-based tourism is reopened with an attractive and interesting program named “New day in Con Son islet”.

Con Son islet is known as an ideal destination with pristine beauty, typical of the Southern garden land, which is like a jewel between the town and famous for its community-based tourism. This tourism model is a new experience for visitors and gradually becomes a famous attraction in Can Tho city. Starting in 2015, Con Son has become one of the most popular tourist destinations when coming to Can Tho and increasingly affirms its brand with attractive tourist products such as “flying snakehead fish”, exotic fish, making folk cakes, enjoying a traditional meal, visiting fruit gardens ...

Recently, Con Son welcomed visitors with a program called “New day in Con Son islet” to provide more attractive products and services for visitors. The program exploits the indigenous cultural elements with various activities and services. Moreover, “New day in Con Son islet” also contributes to demonstrate the characteristics of the Southern region and recreate traditional craft villages such as sharpening chopsticks, weaving hammocks, making “bánh phồng tôm” (Glutinous rice chupatty mixed with powdered shrimp), making “cốm nổ” (young rice cake), etc. Visitors participating in the program also experience catching fish by draining water from a ditch on the ground, tasting food during clearing times, and so on. “New day in Con Son islet” is expected to renovate Con Son islet and attract more visitors, thus contributing to stimulate Can Tho tourism.

Source: – Translated by Hoang Dat

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