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Vam Xang orchard - A typical ecology of the Southwest
Date: 06/04/2020

Vam Xang orchard located in the hamlet of Nhon Loc 1, Phong Dien town, Can Tho city, is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the South West.
Visitors on a monkey bridge.

From the foundation of the orchard, Mr. Tran Van Lien (Nam Lien) wanted to create a tourist garden typical of the Southwest and rich in rural culture. During 7 years of hard work and dedication, he gradually realized his dreams and ambitions. By preserving the features and traditions of the South, he designed the gate, the hedge, the alleys, the small bridges, the vegetable garden, the fish ponds ... which are attached to rural life by the simplicity and harmony with nature.

Upon entering this garden, the first impression for visitors is the appearance of a winding, clean, pleasant path, without waste, without bottles. The two sides of the alley are covered with flowers typical of southern villages, in bright colors, very romantic. Mr. Nam Lien said that his garden is 3 hectares in which he planted multi-species of fruit trees to have fruits all year round. Each season has its special types of fruit, the best known to be the Baccaurea fruit, mangosteen, guava, water apple, orange, tangerine, etc.

By showing visitors the garden, he presents the characteristics of each tree. Then by hand, he picks up some fruits to invite visitors to taste: "These are clean fruits". Whenever he hears birds singing in the garden, he does not hide his happiness by sharing with everyone: "Here is a haven of peace for birds".

After entry, visitors can follow the road that borders the garden or turn to many horizontal and vertical alleys. Everywhere, there are huts or tents, pretty tables, and chairs that make visitors want to come, eat and have fun. In the garden, there are also accommodation facilities, ecotourism landscapes with fresh air, a quiet space and unique cultural characteristics, which receive positive comments from the community interested in tourism in association with nature and indigenous culture.

The orchard of Vam Xang presents beautiful landscapes of the rural river-garden region, such as the paths radiating between the gardens, fish ponds, mounds of dry straw, small bridges ... rustic, simple and peaceful that retain the visitors. In particular, in this orchard, there are rows of coconuts, areca trees, banana trees, bamboo bridges which undulate over ditches, which reminds visitors of their childhood memories.

This orchard also attracts a large number of young people with many interesting activities such as rowing a boat in the middle of the trees, fishing, draining the water in a ditch to catch fish, gardening ... The participants wear a “áo bà ba” (traditional southern Vietnamese shirt), a conical hat and a striped scarf. The caught fish is prepared and cooked on-site, the whole group enjoying the food, singing happily, participating in lively group games.

Mr. Tran Van Lien, the owner of Vam Xang orchard, presents the flowers to visitors.

In addition to tours, entertainment and experience of local life, visitors also have the opportunity to taste delicious rural specialties, two of which are in great demand, namely Pangasius larnaudii fish hotpot and lemon and chili chicken.

Tourists come here not only to visit and have fun but also to be able to immerse themselves in a peaceful space breathing fresh air and to live the simple and generous life of the rural inhabitants with their tranquility after a busy day.

The orchard of Vam Xang deserves to be one of the typical tourist destinations classified and voted by the Association of Tourism of Can Tho. In the afternoon of December 10th, 2019, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and his delegation visited this model of rural ecotourism, presented their gifts to Mr. Tran Van Lien and wished that his orchard of Vam Xang be growing more efficient.

Source: Can Tho Newspaper – Translated by Hoang Dat

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