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Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism
Date: 07/11/2017

In order to experience Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism, excursionists should follow the direction to Can Tho bridge and at the end of the road turn right to a new road named route 61 which leads to Hau Giang. After crossing Ba Lang bridge 6 km, you will see Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism on your right hand. This place is well-known as an interesting destination which has been attracting many tourists who want to experience and enjoy the river culture in the Vietnamese western region after hard-working days.
Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism is a new optional entertaining site for tourists when reaching Can Tho city.

Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism covers an area of over 7 hectare in which more than 5ha in the total area having orchards such as durians, mangosteens (mainly) and the remaining are lanzones, mangoes, longans, rambutans, pineapples, oranges, madarins, avocados, guavas, plums, bananas, pomelos, Ha Chau strawberries and different kinds of vegetables…

The 2ha remaining is the area of water surfaces, canals, arroyos and fishing ponds. With the natural Southwestern landscapes, Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism is also defined as the Archaeological site of Phu Nam nation. Tourists will not only excurse and savour specialties from the orchards along with many kinds of fish, shrimps of the Southwestern region but they can also discover the river and garden civilization and the ancient Archaeological site of Oc Eo.

Early-season mangosteens at Lung Cot Cau – Picture: Que Anh


Star apples (Caimito)

Durians at Lung Cot Cau – Picture: Que Anh


Being fully operational in 2015, Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism has been serving travellers with many traditional games representing the water region such as scoop ditch to fishing, crossing foot bridge without handrails, boat racing, playing the tug of war, fishing for entertaining, sightseeing at the orchards, enjoying “Đờn ca tài tử Nam Bộ” (Southern Amateur music)…

Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism not only attracts tourists with the charming scenery, but also fascinates them with a lot of country rustic dishes such as grilled snakehead fish, jar-roasting pork, steamed chicken with sweet corn root (or with lime leaves, water caltrops), rice-field crab hot pot, fish sauce hot pot… Particularly, there are some famous seasonal cuisines such as stir-fry durian flowers, mangosteen salad, rambutan salad, pomelo salad or baby prawns with sesbania flowers,…

Catching fishes

Crossing foot bridge without handrails

Crossing foot bridge without handrails challenge

Rope bridge challenge

Youngsters excited about boat racing activities – Picture: Que Anh

Driving bicycles through the wooden bridge

Boat racing along with group of friends

Source: - - Translated by Hoang Dat

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