Fermented pangasius (tra fish) – a new product of Tan Loc Island – Can Tho city

Tan Loc Island in Thot Not district, Can Tho city was known as a sweet island because in the past, there were a lot of households in Tan Loc growing sugar canes to make sugar. Nowadays, this island is called Fish Island because currently, the households have focused on raising a lot of catfish including tra fish and ba sa fish.

Guava Salad, a delicious dish in Tan Loc island

Located in the middle of Hau river and enriched by alluvium, Tan Loc island has many specialties. The inhabitants in the island have created lots of delicious dishes from fruits in their gardens, highlighted the local cuisine.

Two dishes in Can Tho continue to set the Vietnam Record

The Vietnam Record Organization has just announced the list of 100 dishes and specialties of Vietnam 2018. Two dishes of Can Tho which were honored to contribute the list, were “Bánh tét lá cẩm” (Vietnamese cylindrical sticky rice with magenta plant cake) and “Vịt nấu chao” (Braised duck in fermented tofu).

Com Ruou (Fermented Glutinous Rice Balls) village in Thot Not

After crossing Thot Not Bridge, we turn left and go for about 6 kilometer to get to Trung Thanh Commune. In this place, almost all local people can show us how to go to the village producing fermented glutinous rice balls. Following the instructions of the indigenous people, we go more than a kilometer to Ba Dang Rivulet, along which there are 80-90 households making fermented glutinous rice balls. This area is in Thanh Phuoc and Thanh Phuoc 2 Village of the edge of Thot Not District (Can Tho City). Mrs. Huynh Thi Diem, Vice Chairwoman of Trung Thanh Women's Association, says, "Here, two out of every three households make Com Ruou as a way to earn their living.

Star apple season has returned in Phong Dien

Star apple is a specialty fruit in the South of Vietnam loved by almost everyone because of its delicious taste and lightly sweet flavor. Star apple season starts from December and lasts through Lunar New Year.

Lumos Coffee & Cake

Highlands Garden Café

V18 Club

Them Xua coffee bar

Muong Thanh Bar Club

Iris Sky Bar

XK Club Bar

Phiem Coffee Lounge

Coffee Lounge has a nice, modern and airy space, with many differently designed areas to provide more choices for customers when enjoying coffee here. In addition to coffee and other beverages, Phiem Coffee Lounge also serves breakfast, office lunch and receives booking requests for conference and banquet.

Le Café

Le Café is a 600m2 coffee shop with beautiful space, modern architecture and delicious, clean drinks. This is also an ideal place to meet family and friends.

Senior Coffee

Senior Coffee is located in the central of Can Tho city, next to the romantic Ninh Kieu quay. The shop is beautifully and simply designed. Moreover, the waiters and waitresses here are very nice and enthusiastic. Besides, Senior also has an open space with green trees around in order to create a fresh and comfortable environment for customers.

Lotus Café

Lotus Café serves coffee, breakfast and daily meals. Café Lotus brings an ideal garden space for family and friends to relax and enjoy delicious food in the shop together.

Traditional Vietnamese cakes

In many rural areas, people still choose traditional cakes as gifts for parties. Thanks to this, many skillful women and housewives can "make a living" with these traditional handmade cakes.

Co Ba Coffee

With modern space along with abundant beverage menu and pastries, Co Ba Coffee is a great place for meeting friends.

Four Romantic Cafes in Can Tho City

If you intend to enjoy a romantic evening appointment with quite good drinks in an open space right in the center of the city, you may consider the following cafes.

Visiting Can Tho, remember to eat silver barb quenelle cooked with fish sauce

Silver barb which is sweet, soft, greasy and delicious with a lot of fishbone (especially small fishbone) is considered as a speciality of the Mekong Delta and is made into various dishes which are grilled, fried, cooked with sour soup, cooked with soybean sauce, steamed with coconut milk, or made into its paste,… However, the most delicious one is silver barb quenelle cooked with fish sauce.

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