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For the safety of visitors to historical sites in Can Tho
Date: 30/03/2020

Besides tourist sites and amusement parks, the system of museums, as well as historical and cultural relics in Can Tho, attracts many visitors, especially foreigners. Encountering the spread of COVID-19, the relevant departments and the Municipal Committee for the management of relics have set up systems for the safety of visitors and staff.
Information panel for the fight against the pandemic at the Can Tho museum - masks recommended for visitors.

Can Tho has 36 classified historic remains: The provincial prison managed by the Can Tho Museum, others by the boroughs, districts or the owners. The essential sites for travelers are in the districts of Ninh Kieu, Binh Thuy, and Cai Rang. Strict measures have been applied due to the spread of COVID-19.

After Tet, the Binh Thuy temple recorded a considerable drop in the number of visitors. However, the Relics Management Committee is strengthening the prevention of COVID-19. Multipurpose electronic thermometers and disinfectant gel are available to visitors, says Le Van Muoi, Vice-Chairman of Binh Thuy Temple Management Committee. The temperature of all visitors is controlled, hand washing is recommended. Masks are also offered to them. Mr. Muoi informed us: “The propaganda brochures for the fight against Covid-19 are to be distributed to visitors for their participation”.

​As for the old market of Can Tho, classified at the municipal level, Can Tho Trading Joint Stock Company (CTC) takes care of communicating COVID-19 to visitors just after Tet. The panels of the 8 hotline numbers for information about the Coronavirus of the Health Service and hospitals in Can Tho have been installed throughout the city. Leaflets with easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember messages on preventing and reducing the risk of contamination of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are to be distributed: Wear masks when you go out! Wash hands with soap or disinfectant gel! Keep yourself warm! Avoid coming to crowded places! Use cooked food and boiled water! See a doctor quickly when you cough, have a fever or have trouble breathing! Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai, a visitor from Ca Mau province gives his impressions: “The information for the prevention of COVID-19 is presented in an easy to understand manner, the gestures easy to practice, the effectiveness of propaganda is very high.”

Binh Thuy Temple staff monitor visitors' temperature

Propaganda and proactive prevention of the pandemic are seriously and continuously implemented in other tourist sites such as the Ong pagoda (Ninh Kieu quay), Hiep Thien Cung pagoda (Cai Rang district), the Provincial Prison of Can Tho (Ngo Van So Street, Ninh Kieu district), Binh Thuy Ancient House (Binh Thuy district), etc. Such sanitary and propaganda measures are also applied at the Can Tho museum where many foreign tourists visit every day.

In the Binh Thuy district, where numerous vestiges and tourist sites are concentrated, the competent services give priority to the protection of visitors and reception staff. Mrs. Phan Thi Nguyet, Vice-President of the People's Committee of Binh Thuy district, tells us: "Visitors are reminded of health instructions such as wearing masks, washing hands with disinfectant gel. Visitors are divided into small groups to avoid any gathering. All staff including guides and members of the administrative committee must wear masks and strictly follow protection recommendations for themselves. "

Mrs. Nguyen Thi My, Vice-Director of the Can Tho Museum, informs us: We regularly collaborate with the Culture and Information Office of the boroughs and districts for the supervision of pandemic prevention work in the sites. We also sent them the legal texts of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism; Can Tho People's Committee; Culture, Sport and Tourism Department of Can Tho city; as well as flyers for the propaganda of the fight against COVID-19. Over 1,500 leaflets were distributed to residents and visitors. The Vice-Director of the museum hopes that visitors will cooperate with reception staff in pandemic prevention for the protection of community health.

According to statistics, all tourist sites in Can Tho city are open to visitors but the number of visits has decreased considerably. Specifically, in February 2019, 63,800 visits were recorded compared to only 23,300 in February 2020, or 36.5% over the same period last year. This decrease is explained by the reduction in the scope of the festivities and rituals at the anniversary celebration of the death of the first laureate Bui Huu Nghia, of the famous doctor Le Huu Trac, at the Nguyen Tieu festival (first full moon day of the lunar year) at the Ong pagoda and Hiep Thien Cung pagoda, by order of the Municipal People's Committee.

From the beginning of February 2020, the People's Committee of Can Tho city recommended the cancellation of the celebrations as well as the reduction of the scale of some others and entrusted it to the Director of the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, to those responsible units and heads of the communes concerned. All the activities in the tourist sites and historic vestiges are to be watched to avoid any gathering. Any cancellation if necessary, must be informed to visitors. The Culture, Sport and Tourism Department is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Prime Minister's order; the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism; of the President of the Municipal People's Committee on prevention against COVID-19 (in the culture, sport and tourism sector). The department must also detect, correct and sanction any infraction.

Development of the safe tourism map

The Director of the Culture, Sport and Tourism Department Nguyen Khanh Tung has just sent the circular relating to health safety standards for the prevention of COVID-19 to accommodation establishments, tour operators, transport services, tourist sites and historical-cultural vestiges in Can Tho.

At the request of the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, all establishments and companies undertake to strictly comply with the standards of safe tourism in health matters of the National Union of Tourism Associations. In collaboration with the Department of Health, the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism will assess, develop the safe tourism map and communicate it to visitors, local and foreign partners.

Source: Can Tho Newspaper - Translated by Hoang Dat

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