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Fermented pangasius (tra fish) – a new product of Tan Loc Island – Can Tho city
Date: 05/10/2018

Tan Loc Island in Thot Not district, Can Tho city was known as a sweet island because in the past, there were a lot of households in Tan Loc growing sugar canes to make sugar. Nowadays, this island is called Fish Island because currently, the households have focused on raising a lot of catfish including tra fish and ba sa fish.
Collected photo: Tan Loc Island

Catfish farming in Tan Loc Island in particular and in the West in general has developed due to the demand of raw materials for export of the Mekong River Delta, but the price sometimes varies and the import is uncertain because the fence baffles of foreign market affected the production of people. From these facts, the inhabitants here, who had experiences on making fermented fish that be handed down from generations, have studied and produced many times until they succeed with fermented pangasius and now it becomes a new specialty of Tan Loc Island.

Collected photo: Catching Pangasius

The process of making fermented pangasius consists of 5 steps. Firstly, choose fresh fish, wash them with hot water to remove greasy on their skin, cut out the grease (to avoid the smell of oil when finishing), cut them into small pieces and dry out. The next step is mixing fish with enough salt, not too salt or too light and keep in salt for a month. The third step is preparing rice which is roasted and well- kneaded grinded, then mix it into fish for about 30 days. Then add a mixture of pineapple and palm sugar into fish twice, every 15 days. Finally, fermented pangasius is packed.

Collected photo: Adding a mixture of pineapple and palm sugar into fermented pangasius

Many people tried to make fermented pangasius, but they were not successful. At present, Mr. Ut Anh (his real name is Chuong Van Khanh) is the owner of a famous enterprise producing fermented pangasius in Tan Loc Island. His enterprise has been granted certificate for food safety and hygiene.

Collected photo: The owner of Ut Anh enterprise producing fermented pangasius introduces his products

Fermented pangasius is very delicious; it can be eaten raw, cooked, stewed or used to cook hot pot. Visitors coming to Tan Loc Island can buy fermented pangasius for themselves or for friends and relatives as gifts. 

Source: Translated by Minh Loan

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