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Street art performances in Can Tho
Date: 29/03/2018

Music shows, calligraphy writing at Ninh Kieu quay are new activities hold by Can Tho Tourism Development Center. The street art space with the resonance between artists and audiences is the main point attracted visitors.
Offering calligraphy characters to visitors. Photo: Dang Huynh

Every Sunday evening of more than a month, visitors gather near the pedestrian bridge to ask for calligraphy characters and enjoy natural acoustic melodies. The music program is performed by passionate guitar club members. With guitar, Cajon drum, violin and flute, the street artists spread their hearts with everybody. Many audiences are inspired to the show so they sing together with the singers. There is no stage and no lights but the program attracted lot of people. “You played very well!” said Nguyen To Hoang Oanh, a visitor from Hai Phong city. With Kha Nguyen, a street artist from Ho Chi Minh city, this program is very necessary although it is not as large as in Nguyen Hue street, Ho Chi Minh city. The artists have a playground to satisfy their enthusiasm and entertain visitors.

Especially, in calligraphy writing booth, it is not enough to offer the visitors although there are always 5-7 young calligraphers from Can Tho calligraphy club do the writing. Almost people ask for lucky and happiness, some are simpler with 2 words “Cần Thơ” to mark an interesting tour. Mr. Nguyen Huu Tho, a member of Can Tho Calligraphy Club, revealed that foreigners have had strong impression with calligraphy characters. Many members of the club can speak foreign languages so it is easy for them to satisfy visitors with the writing.

 Beside traditional art shows at Ninh Kieu quay every Saturday night, Can Tho has street art programs to entertain visitors. These efforts are not out of the target to highlight Can Tho tourism, making strong expression to visitors when visiting Ninh Kieu quay. These also implicate that the cultural and artistic life in Can Tho is very rich.

 It is remarkable that the Guitar and Calligraphy clubs in Can Tho are self- financing in doing these activities. According to Can Tho Tourism Development Center, these programs will be piloted to the end of June 2018. Then they will be officially showed from July 2018 with more artistic types.

Source: Can Tho Newspaper - Translated by Minh Loan

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