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Meeting on the occasion of the 93rd Anniversary of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Press Day, June 21
Date: 26/06/2018

In the morning of June 21st, The Association of Vietnamese Revolutionary Press and the Department of Information and Communications of Can Tho City organized a meeting on the occasion of the 93rd Anniversary of the Vietnamese Press Day and to deliver the XII – 2018 Phan Ngoc Hien Press Awards.
Mr. Do Hoang Trung – Director, Dept. of Information and Communications of Can Tho City

Speaking to review the glorious tradition of Vietnam's revolutionary press for the past 93 years, Mr. Do Hoang Trung, Director of Department of Information and Communications of Can Tho City, said the Vietnamese revolutionary press has grown tremendously. So far, there have been 849 press agencies; more than 35,000 people are working in the field of journalism, and more than 18,000 journalists are granted the card, forming a strong force on the front information propaganda, the force on the ideological - cultural front of the Communist Party, the State and people.

Vietnam revolutionary press is a sharp tool of propaganda to protect the interests of the people, of the people, and to protect the Communist Party and the regime. To bring into play the glorious revolutionary tradition, the press has done a good job of informing and communicating the Communist Party's and State's undertakings, policies and laws, the leadership and management of the Communist Party and the State. It reflects all aspects of political and economic life in the country and in the world.

Along with the development of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press, Can Tho City’s Press was established early and has kept developing, being one of the four major press centers of the whole nation. There are more than 1,000 officials, journalists, journalists and editors working in 60 agencies and representative offices in the area.

The press has informed and propagated on the policies, laws, the leadership, management and administration of the Communist Party and city government, reflecting all aspects of political, economic and cultural life as well as of society, defense and security. The press popularizes new factors, good models, good practices, patriotic emulation movements, building new rural areas, building urban discipline, traffic safety and health insurance, attaching with continuing to promote the study and follow the examples, morality and style of Ho Chi Minh; anti-corruption, wastefulness, negativity, moral degradation, and lifestyle, contributing to the social consensus and building the city better and better.

Emphasizing the role and importance of the media, Mr. Do Hoang Trung said that in the process of information globalization, especially the 4.0 industry revolution and the strong development of social communication, people continue to pay attention and increasingly demand for the quality of the press products. Every profession needs its own codes of practice; however, the press activity is a special profession. In order to carry out its tasks, the press in Can Tho City should continue to promote their good traditions and achievements, overcome limitations, constantly innovate and develop.

On this occasion, the Organizing Board awarded 37 entries winning prizes of Can Tho’s XII, 2017-2018 Phan Ngoc Hien Press Awards; and launches the XIII Phan Ngoc Hien Press Contest for 2018-2019, with the theme "Strengthening the organization of the political system of the city, streamlined, efficient and effective; and promoting socio-economic development and improving the living standards of the people".

KKN. Translated by Minh Loan

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