Lumos Coffee & Cake

Highlands Garden Café

Them Xua coffee bar

Phiem Coffee Lounge

Coffee Lounge has a nice, modern and airy space, with many differently designed areas to provide more choices for customers when enjoying coffee here. In addition to coffee and other beverages, Phiem Coffee Lounge also serves breakfast, office lunch and receives booking requests for conference and banquet.

Le Café

Le Café is a 600m2 coffee shop with beautiful space, modern architecture and delicious, clean drinks. This is also an ideal place to meet family and friends.

Senior Coffee

Senior Coffee is located in the central of Can Tho city, next to the romantic Ninh Kieu quay. The shop is beautifully and simply designed. Moreover, the waiters and waitresses here are very nice and enthusiastic. Besides, Senior also has an open space with green trees around in order to create a fresh and comfortable environment for customers.

Lotus Café

Lotus Café serves coffee, breakfast and daily meals. Café Lotus brings an ideal garden space for family and friends to relax and enjoy delicious food in the shop together.

Co Ba Coffee

With modern space along with abundant beverage menu and pastries, Co Ba Coffee is a great place for meeting friends.

Four Romantic Cafes in Can Tho City

If you intend to enjoy a romantic evening appointment with quite good drinks in an open space right in the center of the city, you may consider the following cafes.

Grazie Coffee

Grazie Coffee is a place for those who love modern yet a little bit classical space.

An old-style café in Can Tho

Inspired by the architecture of the Ha Thanh street, the café gives customers a sense of elegance, a feeling of a fancy design.

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