An interesting three-day-two-night trip to enjoy in the Western region

Holiday time is enough for you to explore a very characteristic corner of the Western region with two destinations namely Can Tho and Dong Thap.

The most 12 famous and attractive tourism sites in Can Tho

Cai Rang floating market, Ninh Kieu wharf, ect. are attractive destinations for tourists when coming to Can Tho.

Visiting Island

About 40 kilometers far away from the center of Can Tho city, the Tan Loc island (in Tan Loc ward, Thot Not district) attracts tourists with endless orchards, ancient houses and simple lifestyles of people in the South - west of Viet Nam. Coming to the island, visitors will get interesting experiences of the “Sweet island” which is on the development of tourism.

Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang floating market is located on Cai Rang river, Cai Rang district. It is about 5 km away from the center of Can Tho city and about 15 minutes away from Ninh Kieu quay by motorbike and 30 minutes away by boat.

Ninh Kieu Pedestrian Bridge

Ninh Kieu Pedestrian Bridge is the first footbridge in the Mekong delta region. It is modernly built with semi-permanent reinforced concrete at a cost of 49.6 billion VND.

Visit the isle

About 40 km away from the center of Can Tho City, Tan Loc Isle (Tan Loc Ward, Thot Not District) attracts tourists with green orchards laden with fruits, ancient houses and friendly, rustic lifestyle of South-western people. Visit the island, visitors will have interesting experiences of the "sweet island" which is on track to develop tourism.

Phong Dien Floating Market

Phong Dien floating market is located on the Can Tho River, Phong Dien Town. The market is about 17 km from Can Tho City to the southeast.

Fruit orchards in Can Tho

Bang Lang stork garden

Bang Lang stork is located in Thot Not district, about 60km to the West of Can Tho City, following National Highway 91 to Bang Lang Bridge.

My Khanh Tourist Village opening Nha Co Hoa Sen restaurant and tram service

On January 1st, My Khanh Ecotourism Limited Company (My Khanh Tourist Village) celebrated 20 years of establishment and development and opened Nha Co Hoa Sen restaurant and My Khanh tram service.

Con Son islet

Con Son is an islet in the middle of Hau River which is separated not far away from the mainland. Moreover, this islet has a completely unique space with the area of about 70 hectares of fertile land with alluvial consolidating all year round and green orchards. Especially, the local people here are not only honest, lovely but also hospitable and enthusiastic.

Ecotourism – Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden

Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden is a place supplying many specialty fruits of the western Viet Nam such as Lo Ren star fruits, Ha Chau Burmese grapes, mangosteens, Hoa Loc mangoes and so on. Excursionists can approach Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden by taking the cruise ship or even go sightseeing on bicycle under the shady green trees at the orchard.

Ecotourism – 9 Hong Orchard

The 9 Hong Orchard is 15km away from the central of Can Tho city and 300m away from Truc Lam Zen Monastery.

Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism

In order to experience Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism, excursionists should follow the direction to Can Tho bridge and at the end of the road turn right to a new road named route 61 which leads to Hau Giang. After crossing Ba Lang bridge 6 km, you will see Lung Cot Cau Ecotourism on your right hand. This place is well-known as an interesting destination which has been attracting many tourists who want to experience and enjoy the river culture in the Vietnamese western region after hard-working days.

Xeo Nhum Ecological Garden

Xeo Nhum ecological garden, located in Hong Loan residential area, Hung Thanh ward, Cai Rang district, Can Tho city, is a new destination for visitors in Can Tho.

Vu Binh Ecological Tourism Garden

Vu Binh is known as an ecological garden by many visitors with its peaceful and quiet beauty. Tourist boat is an ideal means of transport to the garden. Just make a phone call in advance; the owner of the garden will immediately pick you up at Ninh Kieu wharf or floating market to the garden.

Rach Ke Ecological Orchard

Rach Ke ecological orchard is a new destination for tourists who love Western fruits.

Cồn Sơn Islet promotes community tourism

The Mekong Delta city of Cần Thơ is promoting community tourism on Cồn Sơn Islet in Bình Thủy District.

Bustling life of Cai Rang floating market

The floating market of Cai Rang has been chosen as one of the 10 most impressive markets in the world by UK magazine Rough Guide.

Vam Xang Rustic Home worth visiting

A two-day-one-night trip to Vam Xang Rustic Home in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho is recommended for those wishing to learn about local people and culture.

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