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Thoi Nhut Flower Village

Thoi Nhut Flower Village is also called Ba Bo Flower Village. It is located in An Binh Commune, An Binh District, Can Tho city and has a history of more than half a century. The village usually becomes vibrant and bustling in many days before Tet holidays.

Quietly Pass the Trade of Making Non la (Conical Hats) through Generations in Can Tho City

Non la - conical hats - has become much closer to the people of the South for ages. Through the ups and downs of life, they are not only used for preventing the locals from the sun, the rain, but are also the national unique charming feature. Therefore, people are quietly preserving the skill of making Non la in some traditional trade villages.

Fragrance of Com ruou Co Do (Co Do Fermented Glutinous Rice)

Can Tho City has registered trademarks for 6 featured products of the Western area of the Mekong Delta. Among them is Com ruou Co Do - fermented glutinous rice - of Trung Thanh Commune, Co Do District.

The flower village is located in An Binh Commune and has a history of more than half a century. It usually becomes vibrant and bustle in many days before Tet holidays.

Knitting Portable Bamboo Traps (Lọp) at Thoi Long Commune

At Thoi Long Commune (O Mon - Can Tho) there is a trade of knitting portable bamboo traps for catching tiny shrimp (instrument for catching tiny shrimps). This trade is considered as an indispensible means of earning a living for thousands of farmers living in flood areas in the Mekong Delta in the yearly flood season. The commune of 300 households becomes bustling with knitting activity from May to September of the lunar year. Visitors to this place will witness how subtle and meticulous workers are in each step from making the brim, splitting bamboo splints, braided cuttings, weaving frame to fastening the body part and assembling them into a complete trap.

Visiting Thuan Hung paper cake craft village

When you visit the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho to shop on floating markets or drift along canals and bicycle around orchards, you should not forget to visit Thuan Hung paper cake craft village.

Thom Rom fishing village

If you think that visiting Can Tho City is only to shop in the floating markets, bicycle around the orchards or drift along canals under shades of water coconut trees, think again. Tourists have just got to spend time stopping by the Thom Rom craft village to know more about the fascinating ancient craft of fishing net weaving and the daily life of fishermen.

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